Halfdan rasmussen digte

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Come into my dreams,
Let me show you what I see,
It's between you and me,
When the ocean shines so bright.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
It is a strange feeling at midnight,
Streets are empty and everything silent,
It is a strange feeling at daytime,
Streets are full and everything loud,
It is a strange feeling in this life,
You are in between and can't remember a single dream.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
Two shoes and one feet,
You can't choose when to meet,
Then life becomes so sweet,
But still nobody wants to greet,
Just say: "Good night!" And stay asleep.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
This summer will be perfect,
Having ideas and love is enough,
Flowers sing and wake up,
It is time for us to take,
This delicious summer cake.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
The day after tomorrow,
I believe it will be nice,
Sail away far in the sea,
Don't wait for me in the coast,
Life is a journey,
Not a hoax.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
Send me some pain,
Make me cry once again,
Send me some hope,
Make me the biggest rope,
Send me some love,
Now there is an angel us above.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
Send me summer in winter,
I can't stand these cold nights,
When the summer will come,
There will be some love fights.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
I need to learn your heart language,
These words are so sharp,
I will start with my first lesson,
And come back before it's dark.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
I'm not a poet,
But I'll write you this - I'm your bird that sings and fly,
But at least I try,
To be your unique poet,
That writes and cry.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
Each morning has its light to feel,
Its place where to put all your sorrows,
And each evening has its flame to touch,
And its place where we all meet.

/ Halfdan rasmussen digte/
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