Digte og rim

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Throw heart on the tallest trees,
I am a strong bird but I am hungry,
I would like to taste your heart blood,
Both wings doesn't hear it,
Come at midnight,
My eyes will be watching you.

/ Digte og rim/
My mouth wants to express,
What soul has heard,
From forests,
sky wind,
My eyes want to reflect,
Your beautiful sunny heart.

/ Digte og rim/
Shake me like a wet towel,
I am full with salty water.
Leave me on a sunny meadow,
Sun will come and take my tears away.
Hope you wait and pick me up,
Put me on your soft hands,
And feel my warm presence.

/ Digte og rim/
The same night,
For others it is thief time,
You had freedom and secrets,
Can you feel my silent steps,
I am inside your house,
No more places to hide,
Do you feel my hard sorrows,
I miss you,
Please do not hide.

/ Digte og rim/
I will always be your butterfly,
Your flower and hope island,
Your coast and your warm asylum,
Your morning and evening side.

/ Digte og rim/
Lock up your tears,
Do not allow them go,
To lose a pain,
From which was born,
In heart collect,
Tear drops,
As a fortress,
Donate them eternity,
So the world does not vanish,
Feel your pain,
No one else will feel it,
Save bitterness inside yourself,
Flood your soul,
Eternal agony,
Thirst after happiness,
Let it call,
I will release my pain.

/ Digte og rim/
I am drowning,
Please! Don't save me,
I am drowning deeper,
Inside myself,
Don't save me,
Allow me to create my world,
Don't save me,
You will not be in time,
You will understand,
You are helpless,
Allow me to drown,
Until I don't see way out,
Way out from my self.

/ Digte og rim/
As two skis we will slide,
Through a snowy forest path,
Never together,
but however nearby,
And only God knows,
Which will first break or will be broken,
But a monument for eternity.

/ Digte og rim/
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